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Welcome To My New Blog Site

Welcome to Christin joyful!

Yes, it has been a work in progress, and it took me longer than I thought, but I have finally emerged from the dark and confusing world of themes, html codes, pictures, sidebars, and color codes…bruised and a little puffy I stand (well, sit) BUT I am now a little wiser, I learned some new things, and I my blog finally reflects the joyful theme and presence I wanted to have!

www.christinjoyful.com is my new home, and I am so thankful to my Papa for helping me get started, and being patient while I threw him lime-green banner curve balls, and weird site colors, mismatched codes, and TONS of questions. (Man, is he patient, and don’t even ask about the lime green) hehehehe.

But I digress…

Welcome to my new site, please be sure to save the new link to your favorites (don’t lie you know i’m your favorite blogger to catch up with when it’s the only blog you have left to read, and it’s sitting there mocking you┬ábecause i’m cool like that. ;)

Enjoy, and please feel free to leave me comments and feedback.

I’m back and ready to blog!!!