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Falling In Love With Songs

Do you fall in love with certain songs? I know I do. Some songs are just so in sync with where I am in my life and in my heart that it plays over and over again in my head, and it’s the first song I want to listen to when I turn on my iTunes or iPod, and then the last one I want to listen to before I turn it off. I like songs that have soul. I like a song that stirs something inside me and makes me want to express it as if it was my own.

I think that’s what got me dancing and singing in the first place. I needed to be able to outwardly express the emotional responses I had towards songs. I remember when I was really little, I would play a tape and just dance and sing until it drove my parents and sister nuts. I just couldn’t help it. I needed to let out that emotional response because it almost hurt to keep it in. I needed to react…does that make sense?

Sometimes it works the opposite way too…I might sing a song, or start dancing to a piece of music, and I start to embody it, and then I fall in love with it. Sometimes it’s just in the moment, and sometimes it is more long term. Sometimes it’s the lyrics that grab me, but sometimes it’s just the music itself and the way the melody and harmonies and rhythm interlace in a perfect and unexpected way. I don’t know if musicians and dancers feel this feeling more than other people, or if we just have a specific outlet to express our appreciation…what do you think?

Anyway, I digress…I totally have a point, I promise.

Right now I am not part of any type of vocal group or band, and not part of any type of dance team or even taking classes. And that’s really sad. Depressing even, ya know? I have too much bottled up emotion (both good and bad) and my only outlet is singing in the shower or dancing in the living room. That’s terrible, but that’s what I have right now. I know my Fluffy is having the same issue. He is a singer/songwriter/guitar player, and he has no band. So there is this big emotional rollercoaster happening, and we are riding it together, arms tied behind our backs and tape over our mouths, wishing we could wave our hands in the air and scream with joy at the pure thrill of flying through the air.

Yeah, I’m kind of dramatic by the way…did you ever see or read Anne of Green Gables? I’m Anne. I am so totally Anne, and if you are reading this you deserve this explanation of my eccentric and ever-changing style. I’m not apologizing though because you can stop reading or continue. God bless the digital age, huh?

Digressing again, sorry. Anyway…

Songs that I am in love with right now. I am on a bit of a strong female emotional vocalist kick at the moment. It doesn’t really matter what style, it’s the inexplicable emotional response I get because I can relate to the music and I want to express it. It sucks being poor and not being able to take dance classes and sing in a group of some kind. These songs deserve more than my shower singing or living room twirling as a reaction. Sigh. Oh wait, at least I can blog about them right? Yay!! :)

Okay, so Song #1: Alicia Keys Like The Sea

Why I love it so much:

1) I have always loved Alicia’s soothing voice and soulful style. I liked listening to Songs in A Minor before it was even popular. Fallin’ has been my go-to karaoke song for years.

2) The melody of the song just flows and flows! It’s repetitive and rolling like the sea she is singing about, so it matches what she is trying to say so perfectly that it elevates the listener’s senses in a way that allows them to feel the words and not just hear them.

3) The lyrics are so simple and poetic, and the metaphor of the love like the sea, though granted is overused, works because it makes it relatable. Everyone has heard of that metaphor, so the feeling created is that she is joining a group of people that have understood what she was going through and she is joining that special group of people who understand what it is like to love. The lyrics rock. I relate to them a lot. (Read them here).

Song #2: Taylor Swift Back to December

Why I love it so much:

1) Taylor Swift is adorable. She is so wholesome, and it’s refreshing to see that in a time where so much of the music out right now is so raunchy. She’s the glass of milk to Lady Gaga’s shot of Yager, if that makes sense.

2) The melody is pretty basic, but it lends to the sense of personal reflection and regret the song talks about. I can actually see the snowflakes falling outside Tay’s window while she sings. And it’s got a little country twang, but not too much for me. And there’s a lot of violin. My Sistar plays violin, so I appreciate hearing it in songs. 

3) The lyrics remind me of my younger self. Growing up and realizing it when I’ve made a mistake and hurt someone’s feelings. In my case, not necessarily a boy, but just people in my life that I could have appreciated more and didn’t. People that cared enough about me to help me out when I needed it, and I took it for granted. The lyrics remind me to appreciate the people in my life because they won’t be around forever. (Read the lyrics here).

Song #3: Christina Aguilera You lost Me

Why I love it:

1) Ah Christina…never has such an extremely talented vocalist been so badly misguided and blinded by her own need to please and be popular. But I love her still. Anyone who can perform vocal acrobatics like she can gets my unwavering respect. Anyone who can make Beyonce shake her head in bewildered amazement at her talent at an awards show is without a doubt someone to appreciate. Have you listen to her sing At Last? I mean, dammmmmmm gurl! I cried and then sat in awe at what I was hearing. Dude. Dude. She’s the Mariah of my generation. I didn’t particularly care for Bionic as a whole, nor was I very impressed by Back to Basics, but I loved her first two records.

2) The music to this song is so cool. It’s so unique! Not the background music, mind you, but the intricacy, timing, and unexpected note changes Christina sings! Singers understand the difficulty of this song. It’s super difficult to sing and she handles it like it’s Mary Had a Little Lamb. And the raw emotion is so vivid that it pulls you into her whole world! Wow. Just wow.

3) Now anyone who has been cheated on understands the emotion and bitterness in the lyrics to this song. Being cheated on SUCKS. It chews you up inside. I would never cheat on my Fluffy and he would never cheat on me, because we have both been hurt in the past. The lyrics of this song are a reminder of what it feels like, and are also a reminder of why you should never cheat on someone. (Read the lyrics here).

Song #4: Lykke Li Little Bit

Why I love it:

1) Lykke Li has her own style and she owns it. She’s an Indie artist, and she doesn’t rely on vocal talent so much as uniqueness of style, timing, lyrics, and intimacy. She lets you into her world, imperfect, and unedited. Her music is not digitally mastered or digitally enhanced, so just like in the old days when you could hear imperfections on LP records, you can hear that in her songs. It’s refreshingly beautiful to hear.

2) Lykke uses a very unique set of instruments and turn table mixes to create her music. Again, it’s the uniqueness and quirkiness that draws you in. Little Bit has a pop-ish feel to it, and it is very easygoing so you can just ride the wave of the song, so to speak. It almost has an island feel to it. Very cool.

3) The lyrics to this song are cute and full of honesty. She says it how she feels it, without giving too much away. It makes me remember the song and dance I went through with my Fluffy when we first got together…I wanted him to know I was interested, but didn’t want him to know just how much because I didn’t want to rush into it and mess up the good thing we had. Now I know he was doing the same with me. The lyrics are an ode to new love beginning. (Read them here).

Song #5: Adele Turning Tables

Why I love this song:

1) I am embarrassed to admit I started listening to Adele after listening to a clip of her on perezhilton.com. I was thoroughly impressed by her powerful vocals and soulful style. I got 21 immediately. Then, after listening to Chasing Pavement from her first record, I kicked my own ass for not appreciating her sooner. Oh well. 

2) I love the piano (and violin) music. Adele makes me want to just belt out her songs right alongside her, gathered around a piano in simple candlelight. It is reminiscent of my choir days when we would gather around a piano late at night and just sing and sing. The intimacy of it all is just beautiful. I love it, and I miss it, and I can’t wait for an opportunity to it again sometime.

3) I love the lyrics to this song. It reminds me of the frustration I feel when I am in an argument with my Fluffy, or anyone really, and blame is being tossed back and forth. It’s a battle nobody will win, and you just want to tell them to cut the $hit. But you can’t. There’s nothing you can say to get the upper hand. So you just close yourself off and keep a distance. This song is Adele’s way of saying “cut the $hit” and I love it. I needed this song a long time ago. I so feel her on this! (Read the lyrics here).

So that’s my top 5 songs I am in love with at the moment…I guarantee it will change very soon, because it always does. I honestly could keep going, but I think my top 5 list is more than enough to give you an idea of where I am at right now with music. The emotions these songs evoke, and the desire in me to get up and sing and dance are what I am truly passionate about…well, that and reading/writing…but that’s another post entirely…dah dah DAH!!

So on that note…

Question for you: What songs are you listening to right now that evoke a deep emotional response??

Thanks for listening!