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A Conduit For Change

I remember reading somewhere that small bouts of depression are normal, and they help us to act on something we want to change in our lives. My “Foggy day” the other day was exactly that!
I feel stuck in a work rut a little bit right now…I am commited to paying off a car, invisalign, and other bills, so even though I want to continue in school, and I want to have kids, it seems so impossible to add any more expenses right now. That, my friends, is a little depressing.
On the other hand though, feeling depressed about it is my way of seeing that something needs to change in order to get where I want to be! I need to:
1) establish goals for where I want to be 5 years from now
2) write down the steps and time frames to reach those goals
3) reorganize my finances, and create a budget
4) look for other means of income such as writing freelance, etc or other work from home or:
5) look for a way to get my CPT or nutrition certificate to give myself more job options on the side.
6) Look into the cost of finishing my Communications degree and see if and when I should go for it
Without my foggy day, I might not have gotten myself on the right path…hello again sunshine, I missed you!!! :)