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Do-Gooder Day

Last Saturday, I did Beach Cleanup! I set up a group of volunteers from work, made arrangements with the Park Ranger, and headed out into the sunshine and salt-fresh air for a day of do-gooding! :)
I found everything from broken (and partially full) beer and rum bottles, to cigarrette butts, to wrappers and bags, and even items of clothing!
There were 8 of us cleaning, so we were able to collect 8 bags of trash (go us!)
We got lots of nice comments and thank you’s from people there enjoying the beach (and 75-80 degree weather) so it was nice to get feedback and confirmation for working on a Saturday.
It was totally worth it to spend a few hours making the beach a cleaner and healthier place for both visitors and animals…what a fun project!
I definitely plan on doing something similar again soon…