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Anniversary, Circuits, and Stretching

Happy Monday!

As I reflect back on the weekend, first and foremost I have to give a shoutout to Travis, my Fluffy, because this Sunday, August 12th, we celebrated our 10th anniversary. :)

Elings Park, August 12th, 2002

Travis, I will always love you no matter where the road of life takes us, and I cherish the last 10 years we spent together. May you be blessed this day and always, Love, Christin


Travis and I celebrated first with breakfast at a local cafe. I had pancakes and eggs and home fries. We both ordered bloody mary’s, but they were terrible (watery and spicy, but somehow no tomato…so weird!) So we sent those back. ┬áNext, we had a lovely couple of hours at the beach, where we lazed around in the hot sun, soaking up the beautiful weather, sand, salt, and sunscreen. Somehow we both managed to get a little sunburned, but that’s okay!

After we cleaned up from the beach, we went and had ridiculously good pizza and beer at Gina’s Pizza, and then watched Total Recall (the new one) with a plethora of candy. Lots of food…nay TONS of food…and not healthy at that…was consumed. It was delicious and worth it, but I enjoyed it knowing that I had worked out hard last week, and will again this week.

So that was the weekend…full of food, love, and fun…but that brings me to my next subject…Best Body Bootcamp!


While there were other strength training workouts and cardio accomplished, including a nice jog/walk along the bluffs and beach, I would like to focus particularly on the circuits and stretching I accomplished this week.


Workout C for this week (and next week) was all about 10 minute circuits. There were 3 sets of 3 exercises, and we were to do each set as many times as we could for 10 minutes total. The focus was on all the major muscle groups (legs, core, chest) but also covered the smaller groups as well. The movements were almost martial arts based (punches, wood chops, front kicks) so I really felt like I was in my element, given my karate background.

For the first 10 minute circuit, I mostly concentrated on getting a feel for how the circuit would go. Howe many times would I get through? Would I finish evenly? Did I have proper form? Was I pacing myself correctly? I didn’t know going into it there would be so much to concentrate on to distract me from the hard work itself! I ended up getting through the 3 exercises a total of 4 times, with 24 seconds to spare. I didn’t really stop in between sets except for a quick towel to the forehead to remove sweat, and a swig of water to stay hydrated.

For the second 10 minute circuit, I was hating life during the squats with front kicks. I naturally just kick high because of my karate training, so I was really feeling the burn! For this set, I didn’t quite get through 4 times through the set of exercises, but did I give up? No way. My OCD would not allow me to stop mid set. So I finished out my last few squats with front kicks and side planks with twists without regard to the timer on my smartphone telling me I was crazy and that I could stop. Yeah, that would be 160 squats with front kicks completed, among other things!!

For the last 10 minute circuit I was slightly fatigued, but I grabbed my weights and pushed through, aiming to complete 4 sets of these as well, to round things out. For the clamshell abductors, I even threw in a resistance band around my knees to up the intensity. I finished out the circuit just over the 10 minute mark. Then drank a bottle of water, mopped the sweat from my face, and laid down on the floor for a few minutes before I got to stretching. I showed Travis the workout later and he thought I was nuts, which means I did something right lol. Mission accomplished!


After a tough workout, the last thing I want to do sometimes is stretch out my aching muscles, but it is so key to overall health and strength and stability, and etc etc etc!

So I pushed through. I actually did really well with stretching this week. As one of my “other goals,” stretching has really been a focus for me. I used to be really flexible! I danced ballet, and did karate, so flexibility was something I really took for granted. As I have gotten older, and started focusing more on strength training, I have noticed that my flexibility isn’t what it used to be. But I have also noticed that when I was younger I focused only on stretching specific muscle groups as required for dance and karate, and as a result, I had become especially tight in other areas.

My shoulders, lats, outer hips, and hamstrings have always been tight. Now my inner thighs, back, various other muscles used for the splits, etc have also gotten tighter now. I have taken this as an opportunity to work through stretches that incorporate opposing muscle groups, one set at a time. I am focusing on breathing into each stretch and relaxing, really allowing that muscle to lengthen. It has given me focus, and a sense of calm. It has helped me focus on giving my body time to cool down properly and get the oxygen and well deserved rest it needs after each workout.

I am looking forward to Week 4 of Boot Camp. My focus will be on continuing to push myself during workouts, and relaxing and appreciating what I accomplished while I stretch. I’m all about balance, and this is a great opportunity to find it.


Hope everybody has a great and balanced week!





Anniversary Extravaganza Weekend!

Happy Anniversary to my Fluffy!!! We have been married 9 years as of August 12th…
We kicked off the weekend with a lovely filet mignon dinner at Holdrens, followed by Paradise Pie at Chili’s. if you’ve never had Paradise Pie, you need to. (You also need to bring friends because the calorie count is through the roof). I wore my cute 5 inch sassy heels, and bright red Bobby Brown lipstick. I was a total rockstar if I do say so myself. lol
I relied on Trader Joes selections for most of the weekend…I made an asian tofu salad:


  • TJ’s green salad mix
  • crumbled Gorgonzola
  • TJ’s Omega 3 Trail mix
  • TJ’s Savory baked tofu (sauteed with sesame seeds)
  • light Asian dressing 


I also made whole weat linguini with TJ’s turkey meatballs and TJ’s marinara…my Fluffy loved it! (and so did I)

Smoothies were another highlight:

  • TJ’s frozen mixed berries
  • TJ’s frozen pinapple
  • TJ’s frozen mango
  • Greek yogurt (duh)
  • TJ’s fresh baby spinach
  • TJ’s mango orange pineapple juice


I also used leftover linguini to make another pasta dish: Diced tomato and chicken sausage reduction over linguini ;)

  • I can diced tomatoes
  • 2 pieces TJ’s garlic chicken sausage, sliced into medallions
  • 1/3 cup red wine
  • garlic, salt, pepper, basil
  • leftover whole wheat linguini

sautee the sausage in olive oil, add diced tomatoes with juices, spices, and red wine…reduce by 2/3 and add linguni…serve with shaved parm ;).

We also played a little disc golf…

We also did other things that I can’t mention in a blog but you would expect to do in celebration of an anniversary ;)