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30 Day Shoes Challenge Day 2 and Best Body Bootcamp Update

Hello blogosphere!

So today was day 2 of my 30 day shoe challenge…already tempted by some red suede wedges at K-Mart, but I didn’t buy them…yay! Way to go Christin, made it two whole days without buying shoes lol

Anyway, here are my shoes for day 2:


I got these online from Charlotte Russe about a year ago. Not terribly comfortable, but not painful either. My only complaint really is that the buckle comes undone from time to time on the right shoe for some reason. Still pretty cute though! I wore these with jeans and a t-shirt today. :)

Now on to my update and check-in on Miss Tina Reale’s Best Body Boot Camp.


 This week I spent getting back into working out after being sick last week. I spent some time at yoga to help me ease back into my workouts (there were a LOT of burpees to do this week, and I was a little scared hehe).

The awesome thing about going to yoga was that we really focused on opening up the chest.

Now, instructors and trainers are, no matter what the class or activity, constantly telling their students to lift the chest, and open the chest, and keep your chest up. Why is that, do you think?

Well the simple answer is that it helps keep your body aligned, and helps maintain good form and posture, which, in turn, will prevent injury and ensure you get the most out of each exercise.

However, I believe there is a little more to it than that. There is something that happens in the mind when you open up the chest. Perhaps it is because your chest is where your heart is also stored? Considering this, think about what happens when you open up your heart to someone or something. Does it get easier or harder? How do you feel about it? What changes? How does it affect you, or your thought processes and behaviors to that person or thing?

When I was at yoga that first day back, the instructor kept telling us to open the chest. After the first 15 or so minutes of class, having watched us go through triangle pose into warrior 3’s, she stopped us. She had us stand up straight in mountain pose. Then she asked us where our chests were. She asked us if perhaps sometimes when we are told to open our chests in a pose, are we actually maybe trying to extend an arm back further to achieve this? Or perhaps tilting our chins up higher? Are we moving other body parts instead of our chests?

She had us touch our collarbones and work our way out to our shoulders. she literally had us stand there and really get the feeling of opening just the chest. Then we went through the triangle into warrior 3’s again. This time, having that feeling of an open chest overtook our mind’s struggles to try to get the poses correct. Everyone did better.

This got me thinking about what opening the chest really entails. It is about surrendering your heart to the exercise. Letting go your mind to an extent and just allowing your body to do what you know it can do. No longer over-thinking it and leading with your chest means leading with your heart, and embracing what you are doing.

I decided to use this mentality of concentrating on truly opening up the chest with each exercise and each class I did this week. And it really helped!

By learning to simply lift your chest and let your body do what it can, you let go of the mental blocks you put up that stop you from achieving.

In bootcamp, this is paramount. You never know what your body can do if you never follow your heart, let go your mind, and let your body do what it is truly capable of.

That lesson was one I needed to learn and embrace, and I know I can truly give it my all.

So go ahead, open up your chest, and let go of your mind. Let your body do what it can do without your mind holding you back. Embrace and achieve.