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Tabatas Talk Back

Have you ever done a Tabata workout?

I have.

Or at least I have now thanks to Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp.

This week in bootcamp it was all about Tabatas.

And they kicked my butt…in the best way possible!

If you aren’t sure what a Tabatas workout is, let me ‘splain lucy.

The way it works is you perform a move as many times as you can (with proper form of course) for 20 seconds. Then you rest for 10 seconds. You repeat the pattern for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest 7 more times for a total of 8 rounds.

The way Tina set it up, she had an upper body day and a core/legs day. She grouped sets of 2 moves together for each Tabata round. The were 6 Tabata sets for each workout.

At first glance I figured it was no big deal. The moves were ones I was very familiar with for the most part. I knew what weights I’d be comfortable with, and how to perform the moves correctly.

Boy do Tabatas have an attitude all thier own!!!

They krept up on me little by little until by the last round of each move I was relieved to be done and be free to move on to the next form of bootcamp torture!

By the time I finished the upper body workout and was on the elliptical for my cardio, I had found a new respect for Tabatas …those 20 second segments are no joke!

The next day I was rightfully sore, but excited to see how effective Tabatas are. They definitely know how to talk back. :)

This week definitely offered me a new perspective and some great ideas for workouts once this round of bootcamp comes to a close.

I see burpee/jumping jack Tabatas, heel click/high knee Tabatas, and more in my future for awhile…

That is, until the next round of bootcamp starts.

In fact, enrollment in the next round of bootcamp is already open!!!

It starts January 7th, just in time to start the new year off on the right foot.

For the insanely low cost of $25 you get 8 weeks of carefully planned, new, exciting and challenging workouts, a tracking log, a Facebook group access for encouragement and shares from other bootcampers, and the chance to win $1000 and other prizes!!

You’ve got nothing to lose, so take a second to check out the details at



30 Day Shoe Challenge: Day 4

Hello hello!


I wanted to talk about the other challenges I’m doing this month in addition to the shoe challenge update, but alas, it has been a busy day!

After work I picked up my pictures from CVS from the bridal shower I hosted on Saturday,  then went straight to the gym for some elliptical time/listening to Game of Thrones via Audible via my smartphone (I love and hate the times we live in).

Then it was straight home for Subway sammies and then lots of painting, mostly in the bathroom! Check out my awesome paint job LOL:


Dang it smells!!! Bleh!!!

And Travis helped me with the bathroom and continued painting in the kitchen:


Which is coming along rather nicely.

But the living room is still covered in boxes, as is the dining room and hallway:


I know. It looks like something put of hoarders, especially with all that laundry I did yesterday in the mix. But I know it won’t be like this for too much longer. Sigh.

Anyhoodle, on to happier subjects like SHOES! :)

here are my Day 4 shoes:


Cute loafers with a tall chunky heel. Patent leather of course.

I could lie and say I took them off to get a better picture, but in reality, they have a really narrow toe box, and my feet kept going numb all day. I would have taken any excuse to take them off for awhile.

“Pain is beauty” was my mantra of the day.

MeLinda was also breaking in new shoes…these adorable flats!!!


Love the sparkling stars …and the bandages (teehee). :)

Diana rocked these cute gray wedges with bows:


And Kathy once again had stunning heels…this time in a fuschia-pink suede:



And that about does it for today…I am now all cozy in my pajamas, paint rinsed off of my hair and body (I straight dipped my ponytail in the paint because I’m brilliant like that) and ready to eat a Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Dark Chocolate cookie or three:


(Yeah buddy)  :)

And watch the latest episode of Nashville (which you should definitely watch. Even Travis likes it).

So goodnight for now and dream sweet dreams of shoes and cookies!