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Thanksgiving Week and Recovery

Every once in awhile despite the countless responsibilities, plans, and commitments I have on my lap, my body has other ideas. This week was one of those weeks.

It didn’t matter that it was Thanksgiving week, I am in the process of moving, my new apartment had issues which I will elaborate on in another post, and I’m in the terrifically awesome midway point of Tina’s even more strikingly awesome Best Body Bootcamp.


None of it mattered to my body. It just said NO.

I came down with an awful cold that kept me sidelined and in bed coughing miserably for most of the week.

I ventured to work on Tuesday because my annual self review was due, and I scared the crap out of my co-workers with my coughing fits.

I ate only crackers, lemon lime soda, cough syrup, and water most of the week.

Thanksgiving day I made it up to visit my grandparents at least, and we had a lovely meal:


But other than that, mostly reading and water drinkingvfor most of the week. Lucky for me those are my two “other” Bootcamp goals. ;)

I was able to get activity in the last couple of days in the form of unpacking, caulking, cleaning,  laundry, and errands.

In other news, my good friend asked me to be her maid of honor at her wedding in 2 weeks (yay!) I just have to try to put together a bridal shower for next weekend (eek!!).

Also, the Candy Gram fundraiser I head at work every year starts tomorrow and I am SO not prepared.

Its OK though…

With lots of prayer, faith, deep breaths, smiles, and a joyful heart I’ll be able to jump back in to life.

So on that note, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving week, and here’s to next week!



Trader Joes is Sabotaging My Diet! (Or: Learning to use self control)

For the first few week of Round 3 of Best Body Bootcamp, I have been concentrating on the exercise portion of the program. This, in my defense, is really the main focus because after all, the plan focuses on workouts that are consistent, effective, and have $1000 prizes up for grabs. I should focus on the workouts right? (Duh!)


That being said, I really feel that I need to stop for a moment and consider how my diet is negating all my hard work. I want to blame Trader Joes. I really do. Darn them for tempting me with tantalizing sweet treats promising “gluten free” or “fat free” or made with “whole ingredients,” etc. but nowhere on any label does it say “Calorie Free” now does it? They are secretly worse than McDonalds as far as a threat to my personal diet.

Pinned Image

(Let me just take a quick moment to say that I LOVE Trader Joes, and I’m only ranting to make a point about personal responsibility)

Now…Can I rant for a second? This is my blog right? Okay good. Because at least McDonalds is honest. They know they are bad for you, and they put exactly how bad on your receipt. But Trader Joes? Heheheheheheh health food in some cases, but secret diet killer in others. Ever looked at the ingredients in JoJo’s? Orange Chicken? Blue Cheese Roasted Pecan dip? (okay I’m drooling now).


Wait I had a point…lost it…okay it’s coming back I think…OH YES! Personal responsibility. That’s my point. There are healthy diet traps EVERYWHERE whether it’s Trader Joes, McDonalds, or somewhere in between. Don’t just shop at Whole Foods or Trader Joes and mindlessly think, “Oh, this is ridiculously tasty and I’m at Trader Joes, so it can’t be that bad for me,” and then continue until somehow you’ve spent $50 on junk food masquerading as healthy because it doesn’t have gluten in it. (This has never happened to me. Never ever. No way.)

Lately I have been doing the following routine: Wake up, go to work, have breakfast (English muffin and TJ’s Greek yogurt), have a healthy lunch, snack on some TJ’s Power Berries or TJ’s chewy chocolate chip cookies or (insert other treat from Trader Joes here), Go to the gym and do my awesome BBB workout, Go home and in starvation mode make TJ’s orange Chicken and TJ’s multi-grain rice, then have some tea with more TJ’s treats, both salty and sweet because I’m OCD like that.



Are you starting to see a pattern? Isn’t diet supposed to be 80% and exercise only 20%? Oops. I’m self sabotaging…I can’t really blame Trader Joes now can I? They didn’t force these items into my pantry. There are plenty of healthier options at Trader Joes, and any other grocery store.

It’s time to get back to basics, so this week (and up to Thanksgiving day) I am going to challenge myself to the following:

1)      Only coffee and tea (with milk only, no sweeteners) and lots of water (NO juices, etc!)

2)      Only fruits and veggies or healthy trail mix as snacks with the exception of 1 (under 200 calorie) treat per day.

3)      Only meals made with whole ingredients that are well rounded and include lean protein, healthy fats, and whole grains.

from Tina at

I think I can do it. I know HOW to eat healthy, I just haven’t been making it a priority. The idea of Bootcamp is to challenge yourself with new goals, pushing yourself to do better for yourself! I have been doing a great job pushing myself in my workouts, so why should I negate all my hard work by eating unhealthy snacks? I’ll most likely find that I do better in my workouts if I cut the junk food anyway.

daily and deliberate

I have exactly 1 week until Thanksgiving, so I will post back with how I did!!

Wish me luck!




Open Letter to the Treadmill

Dear Treadmill,

Okay, so I know we don’t always see eye to screen, but I really don’t think that’s any reason for you to feel inclined (hehe, inclined, get it?) to torture me the way you do. I just want to be able to run freely in place. I want to feel the re-circulated air-conditioned air flow through my knotted ponytail, and have my heart beat to the sounds of my iPod without you judging me.

Who cares if I’m only running 10 minute miles? At least I’m running them. And who says you have to record that? What can’t you just pretend like I’m awesome and say I’m running 6 minute miles? Wouldn’t we both be happier? I wouldn’t be pounding each step out on your delicate conveyor belt as hard, saving you wear and tear, and yet my heart rate would continue to stay level. I wouldn’t have to worry about sliding off and cracking my head open, bleeding all over you whilst trying to sip my water. I wouldn’t feel the need to keep pushing out one, two, then three more hard fought miles because at that pace I would have already run them.

Lie to me, I beg you! Torture me no more! It’s a really good thing I’m doing Miss Tina Reale’s Best Body Boot Camp, you know. You may have won the battle, but you haven’t won the war! I dare you to defy my ability to keep going, churning out each mile with sweat and determination. I ran a 10k this week didn’t I? And I’ll run another. It will be faster than before. Then a shorter run…but even faster! I will run drill after drill, increasing my speed and endurance with each one. So keep blinking my pace, my miles, and my overall time you daft bully, you won’t get the best of me! This is Bootcamp, and I will not be defeated.

I am anxious to hear your reply, I look forward to seeing you again this week for our next battle. I hope you are prepared, because I am.


Christinjoyful, (wannabe runner and blogger extraordinaire)