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Grumpy vs Thankful


I was really grumpy this morning.

How was I grumpy on a Friday before a 3 day weekend? Let me count the ways…

1) Travis had the fan blowing cold air directly into my face and so my nose was all stuffy and eyes watery.
2) I had cramps like a mo-fo.
3) My water bottle had mold on it so I had to wash it out with hot water.
4) My heel straps wouldn’t buckle to save my life.
5) Way too many emails in my inbox.

Yada yada blah blah blah

You get the point. One of those days where nothing goes right. :(

BUT…Lindsay reminded me about being thankful in her post today.

That in turn reminded me that my Mom used to have me list the things I’m thankful for to sort of reset my brain. Its a very contagious process because once you start you get on a roll and then its hard to stop and you are cured of your grumpiness…there isn’t room for both at the same time, you see.


Here is my list of things I am thankful for! (I’ll cut it off at 5) :)

1) Having a job. This is huge because being blessed with a good job when 11% of my fellow Californians are unemployed is HUGE.


2) Travis. He’s my hubby and my Fluffy and my doer of chores extraordinaire…and I love him.


3) My family and friends. My support system and sanity insurance!







I have lots more friends and family than that but had to draw the line on the pictures somewhere LOL

4) Having the time and ability to be fit and healthy.


“Girl look at that body…I work out!”

5) straightened (ish) teeth! Still a work in progress, but invisalign is working wonders!




(Now…halfway point…)

Need to whiten them too!!!

Alrighty …already not grumpy now. See? It worked! :)

Hope you have a blessed and thankful Friday!




As you may know, I am in a pirate guild called the Northstar Penguins. What you may not know, is that as a Penguin, I participate in fundraising events to raise funds for Ren Faires, supplies, etc. These fundraisers usually take place at local bars and we sell jello shots…


So of course being the overachiever that I am, I had to take it up a notch…so I found and slightly modified this recipe For Rainbow Cake Flavored Jello Shots!!!

Recipe (slightly modified and doubled from original in the link):

  • 4 cups prepared lemonade
  • 8 1/2 envelopes plain gelatin
  • 3 cups cake flavored vodka
  • 6 tsp sweetened condensed milk
  • liquid food coloring
  • Clear 3oz plastic cups
  • spray can frosting
  • colored sprinkles
  • wooden popsicle sticks

So I ended up doubling this recipe in order to make enough shots, and then also added a little extra of each ingredient to make sure I had enough for each color…


Combine lemonade and gelatin in a saucepan and heat until the gelatin is melted. Add the vodka and sweetened condensed milk. Take out 1 cup + of the mixture and add like 8 drops of red food coloring. Use a teaspoon to tediously carefully dole out about 1 1/2 teaspoons of red jello shot mix into each of 40 3oz cups, give or take…for the first time, go with 40, it should be right if you follow the measurements correctly.

Place the cups of red jello in the fridge for approximately 20 minutes, or until firmed but sticky still…take another 1 cup+ of jello mixture and add red and yellow food coloring. Take your teaspoon and place 1 1/2 teaspoonfuls of orange jello cake mixture on top of the red layer in each cup. Place in fridge for approx 18-20 minutes or until firm. Repeat this process for yellow, green, blue, and purple. Note that as the jello mixture sits, it will start to harden faster with each layer, so it will take less and less time in the fridge with each layer (thank god).

Red layer in fridge (on left) next to regular-ass jello shots


Jello shots with red orange and yellow layers…about half way done!

Once you have completed each layer, take your can of frosting and dollop each one. Add sprinkles. Serve with a popsicle stick to get the jello shot goodness out. :)

Here’s the finished product (held by my pirate buddy and sister from another mister Lydia) :

The finished and delicious product!!!


We sold out of these in like 5 seconds flat…I highly recommend these as long as:

1) You like jello shots

2) you like cake flavored yumminesses

3) you have lots of patience and perserverance







Hello Again!

Well hey now hows it going? Been awhile I know!


So I’ve been catching up on my favorite blogs, participating in challenges, and doing some thinking. I realized that the hardest thing for me about blogging is taking the time to do it!

I always have a lot on my mind and the idea if trying to get all of my thoughts out at once is just exhausting.

That being said, I am going to try to just do mini posts instead of big ones, focusing on things as they come to me. This means that some days I may have multiple posts and some days none at all, but its better than trying to force myself into a specific blogging schedule :)


This is me contemplating life

Sooooo…today we focus on sushi. Do you like sushi? I do. I think. I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to fish. So I was proud of myself when I ordered this roll here:


New York Roll

The New York Roll has cream cheese, asparagus, and smoked salmon. Points taken away for the cream cheese (healthwise) but points added for the asparagus and salmon.  :)

I liked that it was so darn pretty and it helped to add the crunchy bits and bell peppers and sauce. Too much cream cheese but otherwise delicious.

Do you like sushi? Do you have any qualms about eating raw fish?