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Best Body Bootcamp Update

I was in Las Vegas most of this week and have been busy!! Had a few hangups and missed some workouts, but I did win the drawing from last week!!


Will update this coming week on last week’s recap, Las Vegas, Pirate party, rainbow jello shots and more!




Venison and Best Body Bootcamp Week 4 Recap

Have you ever had venison??

I hadn’t tried it until last night at my good friend Dina’s house…yes, yes, I ate Bambi…or his dad…or…something…lol!

The verdict?

Lean, juicy, and dark with beautiful textures and rich flavor undertones…it was like enhanced beef. There was virtually no fat, and because it was shot in a forest somewhere in Virginia, no hormones!!

I thought it was absolutely delicious!

Observe the menu below…

Venison two ways, plus fried zucchini :)


We had:

1) Venison sliders on a sesame seed bun with cheddar cheese…pickles, onions and condiments on the side.

2) Venison steak bites in a delicious brown sauce, cooked peppery and to perfection at a medium temperature.

3) Panko crusted fried zucchini  with ranch dipping sauce.

4) A nice assortment of Syrahs that complemented the venison perfectly.


See below how we enjoyed the meal as well as a spirited round of Apples To Apples (if you’ve never played, you should definitely try it out…very fun!)

Me and Travis after dinner


The Group!


We had a great time, and I am glad I was able to try something new!


And now, on to the…

Week 4 Body Bootcamp Recap:



1) What was the hardest thing to accomplish this week?

The hardest thing to accomplish this week was my Saturday workout. Why? I just didn’t want to go! I had a long week, I skipped Monday as a rest day, and I was simply tired from all of the catching up, month end at work, and long week of workouts.

2) what was the easiest thing to accomplish this week?

The easiest thing to accomplish this week was stretching. I had a little neck pain this week, and also had more time at the gym, so I was able to get in a lot of stretching time whether I wanted to or not (lol). I noticed that my flexibility is improving, and I am taking more time to breathe into my stretches and really let my muscles relax.

3) What moment am I most proud of?

I am most proud of sticking to my plan and getting to the gym on Saturday…it was a rainy day, and I wanted to stay in bed with hot cocoa, but I am so glad I made it out! I even had to deal with my battery dying and Travis coming to rescue me at the gym, but it was worth it! :)

4) What would I like to do differently next week?

This next week will present a challenge for me, because there are 4 strength days instead of 3, and I have to work in my body pump class somehow…I will also play around to see how I can adapt the workouts foe using only resistance bands and pillows for next week when I am in Vegas…should be interesting!

5) What would I like to do the same next week?

I keep saying this every week, but I want to accomplish all my goals, and continue to do better with fruits and veggies…I was able to get in some good homemade juices and other fruits and veggies this last week, so i hope to continue the trend. :)

AND…Thats it for today!!

I look forward to posting again next week from Las Vegas!!!