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Lompoc Faire and Week 3 Best Body Bootcamp Recap


So I’ve had a busy weekend and therefore a busy week playing catch-up, but I am finally sitting down to recap week 3 of the Bootcamp and also talk a little bit about Ren-Faire. :)

A typical day as a pirate wench involves corsets, hats, a tankard, and well, pirating ;)

As you may know, I am part of a pirate guild called the Northstar Penguins. We participate in renaissance faires throughout the year, dressing up in pirate garb, selling ice to other vendors, and just generally having a great time.

I love to dress up in costume, so this is one of my favorite activities…not to mention the rum drinking, camping, and general entertainment of hanging out with my guild for a weekend of pirating ;)

Here are a couple of other pictures with guild members to give you an idea of the scene:

Me, Lydia, and Brittany

Travis and I tryin to stay out of trouble

Just a bunch of Pirates...

Brittany, Daniel, and Me

So yeah…

Overall it was a great faire except it was pretty cold the whole time. We got rained out on Sunday, but it only added to the entertainment, in my opinion…I mean think about it: One big pavilion, pirates in garb, rum, more rum, music, Elizabethan wordplay, more rum, a pillow palace complete with stuffed penguins, food, more rum, and more rum…how could that not be fun?

Needless to say, I took a recovery day on Monday off of work and off of the Bootcamp. BUT I started right back in on Tuesday with life as I knew it before Faire.

Which brings me to my next subject:

Week 3 Best Body Bootcamp Recap

1) What was the hardest thing to accomplish this week?
This week, the hardest thing to accomplish was Friday’s workout. I was getting everything ready for Faire, shopping, packing, etc and I really wanted to just skip my workout, but I persevered, got through it, and i’m glad I did :)

2) what was the easiest thing to accomplish this week?
I think Monday’s workout was easiest, because I was able to workout at home. I ran around the block between sets for the cardio bursts, and since my legs are strong it was easier for me to accomplish…still felt it the next day though!

3) What moment am I most proud of?
I am most proud of the fact that I managed to fit in all of my workouts and goals this week, despite attending Faire on the weekend.

4) What would I like to do differently next week?
I have been going to bed too late, and also not eating enough fruits and veggies (still!) so I want to try to be better about that.

5) What would I like to do the same next week?
I would like to once again make it through all my goals. Since Monday was a rest day, I gotta make sure I get that last cardio set in on Saturday. :)

And there you have it folks, my week in a nutshell. So far so good with my Bootcamp this week, looking forward to a pretty relaxed weekend and also looking forward to going to LAS VEGAS the following week! (more on that later) :)




Best Body Bootcamp Week 2 Recap

It’s hard to believe I am already into week 3 of the Best Body Bootcamp! I have taken on the challenge of fitting these workouts into my busy schedule, and also coped with a couple injuries, but I can see that my body is coping well considering, and I am pressing onward!


One of the highlights of this last week was the Barbara Ireland Cancer walk, which I did IN THE RAIN with my co-workers…of course this counted as one of my boot camp cardio days! teehee! Observe the pictures below:

The Barbara Ireland Walk...


Me with Barbara Ireland herself, and my co-worker/friend Brittany


My Co-workers and I after the walk


I ended up going about 5 miles total, running for about half of that and walking the rest of it…it was a rainy day, and it was cold so I am proud of all of us for making it out there!



Now for the weekly Boot Camp Recap:


1) What was the hardest thing to accomplish this week?

I would have to say that Workout C was the hardest again. I still have a lot of soreness in my right trap, which is radiating shooting pain into my neck. I took a rest day on Tuesday, and also only did 2 circuits of Workout C, which helped.

2) what was the easiest thing to accomplish this week?

The easiest thing to accomplish was the devotionals and stretching. It is becoming habit to do both of these things, and very necessary for overall balance! :)

3) What moment am I most proud of?

I am most proud of doing the Cancer Walk. It was great exercise, but was also a great local cause to support!

4) What would I like to do differently next week?

Well considering my trap and neck still hurt, and also I bruised my tailbone going out for St Patty’s Day, I will be taking it easy on myself this week. I already did workout A (legs and butt) yesterday and just took it slow…so far, so good, I got plenty of rest afterwards and drank lots of water.

5) What would I like to do the same next week?

I would like to continue accomplishing all of my goals! It will be tough this week because of the Lompoc Renaissance Faire this weekend, but I fully intend to accomplish my goals this week…I have a game plan, I just need to stick to it! :)

I would like to note that from a nutritional standpoint I have been slacking off a bit. With St Patty’s Day, and the fact that I haven’t been keeping up with proper grocery shopping, I haven’t been getting enough proper nutrition…I have been doing great with the proteins and water, but not so much with the fruits and veggies. :( Gotta do better this week!


Best Body Bootcamp Week 1 Reflections

Hello Blogosphere!

I had an amazing but tiring week this week between the BB Bootcamp, work, a party, the stupid time change, and getting a brand spanking new Smartphone!

I ended up going with an Android over the iphone 4S as I was assured I could program it to call me Ninja (lol).


I spent the weekend downloading new apps, setting up blogging from my phone, and practicing texting, calls, and using new apps. It was great! I feel like I finally joined the rest of modern society. AND  I can start uploading pictures directly from my phone (once I figure out how).

I wish I could take a picture of my phone with my phone to show you, but that would just be ridiculous, right? Hehe…

So anywayyyyysssss…

I have decided to do a weekly reflection for each week of the Best Body Bootcamp. I will use the following questions and answer them each week:

1) What was the hardest thing to accomplish this week?

2) what was the easiest thing to accomplish this week?

3) What moment am I most proud of?

4) What would I like to do differently next week?

5) What would I like to do the same next week?


So here’s the…

Week One Recap


1) The hardest thing to accomplish this week was Workout C. I was already tired from the week of hard work, so I really had to push through it to complete all 3 circuits.

2) The easiest thing to accomplish this week was my devotionals. I have a Kindle and I keep my Women’s Devotional Bible on it, so all I had to do was flip it open on my desk at lunch each day.

3) I am most proud of pushing through all 3 circuits of workout C…especially those turkish getups! :)

4) What I would do differently this next week is allow myself a little more time for the strength training workouts to concentrate on form and timing.

5) What I would do the same this next week is get through all of my workouts again!


So that’s my Bootcamp update…I am looking forward to kicking a little butt again this week…it is really amazing what I am willing to do just to mark off that X on my accountability sheet!