Monthly Archives: May 2011

Week in Summary

Such a busy week! I walked 20 miles over 5 days, attended Group Power, and then did 100 full sit-ups to win a contest at the Health Fair at work…whoopee!

Super sore, but did great with my workouts this week.

I got a new bathing suit, retro style black and white polka-dot one-piece with a halter top and ruffly skirt pattern…adorbs!
Also invested in a new coffe maker, which is red and hasa timer and emergency shut off so we don’t burn the house down. Also a cast-iron skillet which I hope to break in this weekend with bacon…yummy!

Food was a blur of italian sausage pasta, berries galore, greek yogurt, baked chicken, and lean Hot Pockets, but kept junk food to a minimum all week, with key Lime frozen yogurt and fresh berries making up most of it.

I am very proud of myself, and am looking forward to a nice relaxing Memorial day weekend. I want to visit the Isla Visit food co-op to check out what they have and how well they are priced.

I also made an appointment to see about getting Invisalign! Hope that will work out…
I have pictured my italian pasta, berries, and me doing the sit-up contest :)

Broccoli Smoothie

Yesterday I decided to take some of the veggies I had in my fridge that were getting older and combine them with fruit, juice, and yogurt to make a smoothie. Mental note to self: Broccoli makes for a chunky smoothie…there are little florets that do not break down far enough…oops!

On the bright side, I couldn’t really taste the broccoli, I could just feel the texture. Carrots, however, were a good idea. Yum.

Because I have been going on my morning 4 mile brisk walks, my body has been hungrier lately, which means more carbs. This is very tricky. I want to shape up my muscles, and lose a few pounds…but this whole hunger thing is throwing me off course. Yesterday I had popcorn and goldfish crackers by the handful…the smoothie had protein etc but it also had a lot of carbs :(

I have been okay with french bread at the O’street truck, and also rice and pasta…I need to be careful if I actually want to see results. More protein for me, I guess!!

On Being A Jerk

Do you ever have days where you are just tired of life? Tired of having to deal with people? Maybe it’s a customer service thing, but after awhile I just go through a phase where I am done talkingto people, helping people, and dealing with thier mistakes.
I know why God wanted to give up on people throughout history. We are super-annoying. We make the same stupid mistakes over and over again, still completely all the while convinced of our own superiority over others.
I can be a jerk to my reps at work sometimes. I have to be the enforcer of rules while at the same time trying to help them navigate through the rules, sometimes even finding exceptions. It really hurts my brain somedays.
Yesterday in particular I was just over life at work. Every request I got was a pain in the ass, and mostly didn’t follow the rules. After one rep was reminded by me that no charge accessories need to be emailed to the RD for approval and he apologized, not half an hour later he was leaving me a voicemail for the same damn thing, as if I had never reminded him the rules in the first palce. I refused to help him until he requested it correctly.
Just because that was the protocol didn’t really mean it was the right thing to do. He was having a bad day too, I found out.
So I was a jerk. Sigh.
I called and left an apology message.
This morning I got a nice email back from him saying it was okay and he still loved me.
that just reminds me of God’s grace for us as humans.
He still loves us even though we are selfish little jerks.
Pretty cool :)