Monthly Archives: April 2011

Allergies and Other Annoyances

The winds sweeping over our lovely city of Santa Barbara have been wreaking havoc on our sinuses…mine especially. My poor liver is at the brink of revolt I’m sure for the amount of painkillers and allergy meds I have been taking…and with no result! My head has been pounding for two days straight. :(

What do you think…should a fairgrounds be able to create a monopolistic situation by controlling who sells what? I mean, I guess they get away with it at theatres because they don’t allow outside food, but the fairgrounds are owned by the county, and are therefore public, not private, so do the same rules apply? I ask this because the restaurant last night was forced to not sell certain foods because they didn’t want to create competition for the other vendors…sounds like a bunch of malarchy to me!

Furthermore, when I got to work, they would only let me come in through a certain gate, and then even at that, they almost wouldn’t let me in because I didn’t have the specific temporary permit (as opposed to my regular one I always use during normal times). I was like, “look, this is the permit they gave me, and I need to get to work. it’s the only permit they issued me so far, and I am sure when I get there they will have whatever temporary permit you want me to show you for the next days of fair.” They finally let me in after a lot of unnecessary BS and grumbling. Sheesh! I was just trying to get to work for goodness sake!

THEN when I finally parked my car I found that all the entrances to the restaurant were blocked off, and one of the other employees had to hand me an employee pass through the fence, then I had to walk all the way around to the front entrance of the fair and show them my pass and them walk all the way back around to the one entrance to the restaurant that wasn’t blocked off…the only entrance customers could use. WOW. I really hate Santa Barbara sometimes. I love the beach, the small town feel, the safeness, etc…but this situation was just over the top ridiculous…they are making life miserable for the sake of greed if you ask me.

Okay, done ranting now…new day today and when I go back I will know what gate to use, I have the correct pass, and I know where to park so that I don’t have to be so far away from the only entrance. Good times.

The Calm Before The Storm

Sigh. I have a lot of work shifts this week because of the Fair this weekend. Working at the restaurant Wed-Sat, and so I am working double shifts Wednesday and Thursday. Fortunately though, I took Friday off from my regular job so I can rest AND watch the Royal Wedding (yay!). Not really looking forward to all this work, but hopefully it won’t be too bad, right? And a little extra money won’t hurt! :)

So this is the calm before the work storm hits, full force. Just trying to relax, take it easy, and get lots of rest so that I am physically and mentally prepared. I did my Power class on monday and went to the chiropractor yesterday…still, I see cocktails in my future for the weekend when this is all over!

Anticipation and Baked Chicken

Last night Travis brought out the old school Nintendo (you know, the one you have to shake sometimes or blow into to get it to work, haha!). I usually don’t like video games. They annoy me, to be honest. But Travis loves them, so I decided to be unselfish and play Anticipation with him. If you’ve never played it, it’s a game where the computer draws a picture on the screen and you have to try to be the first to guess and then spell correctly whatever the computer is drawing.
Anyway, it was a struggle for me at first, but then I started getting the hang of it, and I ended up winning! (though I think Travis kinda let me, to be honest!). The point is, I think it’s very important to take the time to do what your significant other likes to do over your own preferences from time to time…you may be surprised at how much fun you have! The point is to spend time with each other. Period. In the end it doesn’t really matter the activity, as long as you are together, it can bring you closer. :)
Also last night, I attempted to bake chicken. I went all out with the egg dredging and flour mixture dredging. It took a lot longer than frying it up in a pan, but it ended up so nice and tender! It needed a little more salt I think but Travis and I both liked it. Yay me for experimenting with trying to be a good housewife. lol!
Travis did like 15 million loads of laundry yesterday along wiht cleaning up the house. I in turn helped with the laundry and cleaned the kitchen. It is so nice when we work together and appreciate each other. I am so blessed to have my Honey!