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Best Body Bootcamp Week 3

wellllllll ok.

Week 3 of BBB started out great, did Workout A on Monday, and then cardio on Tuesday.

The rest of the week slip-slided downhill because not only did I have to go to Chicago for work, but there was a tragic chain of events that occurred…not tragic in the general sense necessarily, but these events definitely did me in as far as maintaining my workout plan.

I had planned on doing some restorative yoga in my hotel room Wednesday night after I arrived. I was supposed to be in Chicago by just after 9pm, so with traffic, etc I should have been checked in and settled by 10pm. But no. that unfortunately was not the case.

My first flight was delayed 2 hours due to mechanical difficulties, which meant that I missed my connecting flight, and had to scramble and wait in lines and scurry to get my checked back on the right plane and ouch my toes hurt so bad from those darn boots I wore and I was tired and frustrated. But I finally got on a connecting flight with my checked bag, but that flight was delayed as well. so I finally got to Chicago just after midnight. It was raining and thunderous and cold. I’m a Cali girl and therefore the concept of weather is foreign enough, let alone the the storm that awaited me.

I grabbed my bag from the baggage claim (thank goodness it made it) and headed out into the weather. I noticed a long Disneyland-like line that curled from one end of the walkway about a city block down and back around. Then I realized the awful gut churning truth: it was the line to get a taxi.


So over an hour later I finally got into a cab and sat in there through traffic, accidents taking up every lane, and rain so hard I don’t know how the driver could see the road.

I finally arrived after 2am and crashed after taking the following picture of the awesome stormy 15th floor view of the overlook to Lake Michigan:

chicago thunderstorm


I then also took one of the bathroom, because how cool is the decor?? I loved it and needed a picture before I mussed everything up:

chicago bathroom


After that I crashed out.

Needles to say, zero yoga was accomplished that day.

I did, however, in lieu of the gym workout I had planned (there is a fitness center in the hotel), I opted for some restorative yoga because I was so sore and stressed from the adventures of the previous day. It ended up being a wise choice.

I started feeling sick later that day, and came down with a cold by the next day, from which I am still recovering.

Although my flight home was far less horrific, I was sick, and so I have been resting the past few days.

I still accomplished my other Bootcamp goals: lots of water and daily devotionals. Those are easy and helpful when one is sick.

I am looking forward to next week which I am sure will be much better as far as workouts.

I will be able to get all of them in, provided I avoid catastrophe, and oh yeah, my tooth getting fixed doesn’t interfere too much. I also chipped a tooth whilst in Chicago. I know.

Don’t get me wrong, Chicago is a fun and amazing city, I just wish I had had more time, wasn’t sick, and hadn’t chipped a tooth.

That being said, I couldn’t appreciate more the fact that Tina allows for such weeks as this in the overall points for the drawings. I still have plenty of time to catch up.

If you would like more info on how you can join the next round of Bootcamp, please visit Tina’s website below.


Christin Joyful


Best Body Bootcamp Week 1

Hi again!

I’m still going to finish my review of Fitmixer’s bootcamp, as I know I still need to conclude part 3, and only gave you 1 and 2 so far…

But before I do that, it has meanwhile already been and entire week into Tina’s BBB Round 5, and I have just got to share my thoughts!

This is my fourth round with BBB, and I have to say I am more impressed with every round. As Tina develops her bootcamp over time, it just keeps getting more challenging and more professional yet proportionately approachable.

The workouts are very similar to how I remember week 1 from previous rounds, however it was the rollout and organization that really hit the mark for me.

The email notifications with clickable links, pictures, and instructions were thoroughly helpful, unique, colorful, and fun to go through. I felt prepared and intrigued!

And as I went through each workout this week, I definitely felt the change in my body. I hadn’t been using weights for Fitmixer’s workout, so this week was a bit of a challenge for my muscles…they felt fatigued and satisfied with those strength training sessions!

My other goals were 1) daily devotionals and 2) at least 100oz of water per day. I didn’t hit the mark every day with every goal, but I made it through at least 5 days over all, and that felt good.

I feel like I will be a little more prepared next week since I (and my muscles) now remember how it all works.

If you haven’t tried Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp, I would encourage you to visit her blog and website for more info, reviews, and great workouts and tips! Click here to go to the Bootcamp landing page…

Until next time,




Fitmixer Bootcamp Review Part 1

Hello and Happy Monday!

Today I am reflecting back on an incredible experience that concluded on Friday…

Oh, what was it you ask? You didn’t ask? Ah…

Well too bad i’m gonna tell you anyway!



dah Dah DAH!!!


That’s right, I participated in a very cool, very gnarly and very awesome 8 weeks of  Christin shaping.

And it was everything I ‘d hoped it would be!

It was an incredible journey with a nice long story of how I won a spot and cut away the bad calories, and did lots of burpees…lots of burpees. OMG so many freaking burpees.


But let me start from the beginning.


Back in December I was looking for a way to start off the new year. I know. An amazing and unique concept, right? And while I absolutely LOVE Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp, and had signed up for it, I saw a contest on Fitmixer’s website for a chance to win a spot in their January Bootcamp through Pinterest, and couldn’t resist. It included a meal plan and lots of supplies to help get my body in gear. Who wouldn’t want to join, right?!

So I read the rules, logged onto Pinterest, created a Fitmixer Bootcamp pinboard, and started pinning. I honestly didn’t think I would win the spot. I knew a lot of people would be interested in winning a spot because it is valued at over $150, and because of  the exercise plan and meal plans and protein powders and aminos and blender bottle, and so forth…so I decided to just pray and put it in the Lord’s hands.

But guess what…I DID WIN!! Haha! woot woot!

Party hats and protein drinks!!

Fitmixer products are awesome…

So I gave up my spot in Tina’s amazing bootcamp to let someone else have a try (promising Tina that I would be back for the next round, of course!!) and bit my lower lip and furrowed my almost nonexistent blonde brows in determination and anticipation.

I knew I was going to need to commit to exercise. Lots of exercise. And a diet plan. And by diet plan, I mean healthy eating habits in a lower calorie range. In other words, cut out the junk and put in the whole foods!

Foods that are whole…not full of nutritional holes!

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, and no idea how much it would change the way I view my body, food, exercise, and my very sense of self in general!!

So lets break it down then shall we? Let’s review how Fitmixer Bootcamp changed each one:

1) My body

2) My view of food

3) My view of exercise

4) My sense of self



When I say Fitmixer Bootcamp changed my body, I mean that it changed in the way it looks, but also in the way it acts and reacts. It was a much needed makeover from the inside out, as opposed to the outside in which is a very important distinction to make. Why? Because in order to create a permanent change, you need to create new habits. Changing habits  implies a lasting commitment from deep down inside somewhere in order to create a lasting, or long term effect.

Yes, all those workouts and meal plans helped change the way my body looks on the outside. My muscles are more defined, I lost body fat, as well a a few pounds. I lost inches, and gained muscle mass. heck, I even went down a clothing size! Those things are valuable to me in that I look better on the outside, but in reality the important thing for me is that when I look in the mirror, it is a visual reminder of what has changed on the inside.

So what are these inside benefits I gained through changing my habits?

To put it as plainly as possible, my body just works better now!

Think about it this way…when you give a plant sunlight, nutrient rich soil, and plenty of water, what does it do? How does it look? How does it feel to the touch?

Well your body is the same way. Makeup can only go so far. Deep conditioners can only go so far.  Nail polish, perfume, hair dye, and plastic surgery can only go so far.

Just like plants will wither up and look unhealthy when you don’t give them nutrients and sunlight and water, your body will too! You are a living organism! You need vitamins and exercise and water to be healthy!

You’re not getting these things from soda and chips and cookies. They are empty calories. your body gets these things and doesn’t even know what to do with them. Your insides seriously scratch their little cell heads and think; “Really? What am I supposed to do with this stuff? how am I supposed to run a body on this? Maybe I can use…nope. Nevermind. Nothing here to work with. Just send it on through to the dump.”

This is your cells. This is your cells on junk food.


You can see where i’m going with this. You’re not an idiot. (I know this because you are reading my blog…hehe)

It makes sense that if you give your body what it needs to function well and feel well…it will do just that. And your appearance will reflect that! The hard part is getting into the habit of drinking plenty of water and cutting out soda. Eating whole foods and cutting out the processed junk. Eating regularly throughout the day. Exercising regularly. Pooping regularly. (Yes. I said poop. Pooping regularly was a very big thing and another benefit. It’s not to be taken lightly. Poop is a serious thing in the blog world. you need to know that.)

Fitmixer’s plan provided a way to develop these healthy habits. Fitmixer gave me the tools, and all I had to do was use them!

So there you have it. My body is changed for the better. Poop and all.


This is already a long post, so I will continue on tomorrow with Part 2!!