a land outside of time

Switch your reality to a place of intrigue

Toggle land is not about switching on or off, but examining the choices in a new way.
Here you will find that what you expected was not what you detected and beyond that, a new experience of awe, wonder and step away from the mundane into a new entry point for all that is, could be, or may be at tome point in your future.

Ok, what is this place?

Toggle land is a place still coming to fruition.  Here you will find what is to come, a future place that defies the contents of normal space.

Toggle land is not a final frontier, but the stuff of a new adventure, new ways of thinking and experiencing again what you think you may already know.

Have you always felt in your heart of heart, in the depths of your mind, there must be something more?  Have you attempted to discover this mystery using methods of mind altering substances, meditative practices or seeking the one true approach that still eludes you?

I would say, “search no more” but that would be a worthless notion, because as you search, you will still discover that which was not before discernable while along the way, revisiting that which you already know.

As you continue this quest, I caution you to build upon the foundation not by tearing it down and building it again, but by continually examining what it is that you might extend in all directions in the safety and objectivity that prevents the “fool’s errand”.

How to we do this?  You will soon see…